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God`s Master Plan
How God loved you and the whole world so much that He sent Jesus Christ to save you and give you Everlasting Life!

With questions for work individually or in a study group

A Child of God

Salvation, inheritance and position of the new believer in Christ

A Disciple of Christ Vol. I – The basics

Studying the Word of God, living by faith, and having a regular prayer life


A Disciple of Christ Vol. II – Tuning in

Walking in love, led by the Holy Spirit, and renewed in your mind


Entering into ministry Vol. I

The Concept And Characteristics Of The New Testament Ministries


Entering into ministry Vol. II

The Believer's Ministry - Spiritual And Motivational Gifts - Corporate Priestly Ministry


Entering into ministry Vol. III

The five-fold ministries (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher) an introduction


Entering into ministry Vol. VI

The five-fold ministries apostle prophet evangelist pastor teacher

List of books by Jorn Overby (as of 2021):

All the books can be ordered directly from Xulon Press at Printed versions and e-book versions are also available on Amazon (, Barnes & Noble
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